Mexico Bouquet


- What happens if you’re sick? In 16 years of filming weddings I’ve never missed one. If I did get sick or in an accident I have 2 trusted second shooters that filmed my own wedding. I also have 4-5 backup shooters that I can contact to film in addition to them if needed. 

- Do you always use a second shooter? Usually, but I also film by myself for custom packages as well as travel. By myself I can still film 3 cameras on your ceremony and 2 at your reception. Having a second shooter allows for more creative angles and for us to be in two places at once, especially during getting ready times.  

- Are you there for every wedding you accept? Yes, I never send a second crew, I’m always the primary cinematographer.

- What do you wear to a wedding? We always wear black so we blend in. 

- Do you shoot interviews of the bridal party on the wedding day? No. We feel that it makes people camera aware and takes them away from being themselves. We come in, say hello, and give everyone permission to ignore us the rest of the day. 

- Do you direct us at all during the day? Nope. We film from a comfortable distance so that you can’t feel our presence. Your photographer and wedding coordinator might ask you to do something but we never will. We capture beautiful, authentic moments rather than staging them. 

- Do you use a wireless mic during the ceremony? Absolutely. We put microphones on the groom, officiant, podium, and anywhere we need a clearer sound. We also plug into sound systems at churches and DJ’s when possible. *The microphones we use do [not] come out of the sound system so no one but our camera will hear anything said into them. 

- What files do we get with our packages? You will receive online links with a password to your full length Ceremony & Speeches as well as your edited film. You can stream those through an Apple TV or other internet TV options. You can also download those High Definition 1080p files to use on your computer, iPad, phones, etc. 

- When can we expect our wedding film? Typically the delivery time is 12-14 weeks from the wedding day depending on the time of year.